IMPORTANT NOTE:  Mercury goes retrograde for about 3 weeks. This spells more trouble for electronic items as Mars is also already retrograde. I would suggest you to avoid buying electrical / electronic appliances at least during the phase when both Mercury and Mars are simultaneously retrograde – April 29th to May 25th. Chances are pretty high that whatever electronic item is purchased during this phase will give you trouble.
Those who are suffering from epilepsy or are vulnerable to nerves related issues in the body are advised to take good care of themselves during this phase and take precautions.

ARIES –  You are likely to hear unexpected news with respect to health and finances during the next six weeks – it’s time to remain cautious and patient at the same time. Those who are into speculative trades should be doubly cautious. Romance, children and family are definitely on your mind.  And what about work/business ? – Well, the less said, the better. Getting initiated into healing mantras or chants is very auspicious this week.

TAURUS –  Most of you seem to traveling somewhere or the other with family and happily (read recklessly) spending your money on entertaining self and kids or your lover. Soon you will start feeling a bit worried about your financial situation. Mentally you are feeling strong, but your emotions are unsteady. If you get chances to speculate, be careful during the next few weeks as you could lose money.

GEMINI – Health and Professional and business matters are looking up for you. Those who are in foreign countries or are dealing with foreigners will gain.  This is a good phase to apply for any loans. Children are likely do well and bring some good news. Those who are appearing in interviews for new job opportunities are running a very positive phase. Do not indulge in disputes or mudslinging.

CANCER – Career has started going in a better direction for most of you. You experience power and prestige at the workplace. Matters of the heart are giving you utmost satisfaction.You will be letting your hair down and indulging in lot of activities that are pleasing to you, including hobbies.There are chances of being misquoted or facing miscommunication for the next several weeks till early June, so stay alert.

LEO –  Positive karma is fructifying for Leos. Travel, pilgrimage, spiritual initiations, philosophical discussions and mantras – you are learning and enjoying the new discoveries in these areas. There are uncertainties and problems in the work areas for a few weeks till early June – but you should be able to handle those. Property related matters continue to be positive.

VIRGO – Virgos are likely to experience negative results with relationships and status at work place for several weeks – so it is imperative to keep calm. Do not start thinking negatively or get embroiled into any controversies. Reading positive and inspiring literature will help you – as will waiting patiently for the month of June too. Think of the bright side – the 2nd half of the year is quite good.

LIBRA – Your life partner should feel lucky now. Libras are going to brim up with love for their spouses and shower all affection on them – the bonding gets better. Travels undertaken by you along with family will be pleasant and fruitful. Financially and work-wise there is nothing to complain really.

SCORPIO –  Minor differences with your life partner are likely to disturb your mental peace during the coming weeks beginning now. Manage them diplomatically. Work is going strong and hectic. Actually, some really good times are coming up at the work front and some of you who are into consulting roles, are likely to get new job offers from overseas / multinational companies soon.

SAGITTARIUS – Echoing what was written last week – this are the perfect days to initiate a change in your job role / department, so go ahead if you are getting a chance now. Romance is going to give you an amazing high in the next few weeks. Many of you will gain through speculative activities too. This week is best to get involved in any kind of spiritual activity, attend discourses or meet your preceptor to get blessings. Students will do very well in studies.

CAPRICORN – Family members, relationships and health can cause a few worries to you over the next few weeks till early June. Work is thankfully better. There are potential gains from property/inheritance matters. Father’s health and well being is a cause of concern and he may face stressful situation. Those who are living or working in foreign lands need to be patient with their lot till September this year.

AQUARIUS – This is a good phase to go in for short duration courses to enhance your skills and learning relevant to your area of work. Travel is indicated for various important reasons. Your spouse/partner is also likely to travel and/or be benefited monetarily or in some other way soon. You are feeling extremely dynamic and courageous and developing a risk taking appetite deep within. Launch and showcase those entrepreneurial ideas you have in mind.

PISCES – Professional matters are subject to some obstructions and disputes for you till the middle of May this year. Manage persisting difficulties with patience. Relationship with your spouse/partner also looks somewhat dicey during the coming few weeks and he/she could face difficulties.  Spiritual activities like meditation provide you strength and peace to go through this phase triumphantly.