ARIES – Your entrepreneurial streak continues, however chances of sending out wrong signals while communicating on paper and emails is high. Stay alert. Many of you are traveling for business purposes. Manage relationship with younger siblings with diplomacy. One of the kids may face a small challenge and may need guidance. You are likely to be receiving high profile guests over the next month and getting some luxury items for your house soon.

TAURUS –  Part of this week will give some negative feelings / depressive thoughts about relationship matters within the family however it will settle soon, so don’t worry.  Confusions related to business/income related matters are also going to fade away soon. Just try and focus on work without any expectations for now.

GEMINI – Any confusions at the work front and problems in relationship with partner or partner’s health are wearing off. You are going to be surrounded with vibes of better health, confidence and well being. Relationships at all levels – business or personal are also improving.

CANCER – Certain family matters are causing worries to you this week as well, however solutions will emerge soon. Expenditures continue to remain high for various reasons currently. Many of you are traveling or dealing with foreign countries. Be patient and things will get better.

LEO –  Everything is getting better for you – work, money, health, mental peace and love relationship. Business owners will start making more profits. Get ready for an expansive and positive phase in your career in around 6 weeks from now.

VIRGO – You are totally consumed by the pace of work / business – and the best part is that it’s rewarding too. These aren’t moments to take rest or think about leisure. March on and you will gain professionally in this phase. Mentally you are feeling much better and in a frame of mind to take solid decisions about assets / properties etc.

LIBRA – The confusion and uncertainty about work / business is fading away now and you are beginning to feel better. Financially, 2nd half of this week is better than the first half. Long distance journeys for work or other purposes will be fruitful.

SCORPIO –  You are in the situation of getting sudden monetary gains from somewhere. This is a good time to look into wills/legacies/insurances if you have been waiting to do it. Work is better during the 2nd half of the week. Family life is getting more harmonious and settled. Your status in society / at work will get enhanced now.

SAGITTARIUS – Your business partner’s or spouse’s life is under some kind of focus nowadays for various reasons. Some of you could be getting ready to enter into new business deals in partnerships. Profitability is reduced during the next 4 weeks for all businesses. Mentally you are feeling clearer and any confusions regarding real estate matters is now vanishing.

CAPRICORN – Continue to handle the controversies and hurdles at the workplace and in your life skillfully and avoid direct confrontations with anyone till the middle of this week. Things get better at work thereafter. This is a good time to raise a loan or borrow funds. If there are any legal cases, you are likely to win over your opponents.

AQUARIUS –  Leisure activities (holidaying) with your loved ones are favoured for you. You are also running a good time to get initiated in any spiritual activities like mantra chanting. It seems your attention is focused on kids and their life. If you are in a love relationship, things will go in a positiive direction. If not, then you are likely to fall in love.

PISCES – Career related issues and health uncertainties are moving into the positive zone.  You will gain mental peace. Expect some guests at home. Avoid entering into conflicts with customers in your business dealings during the next 4 weeks. Solve things diplomatically.