ARIES – With Mars in Libra for the next couple of weeks, you may be thinking about partnerships and also some earlier matters connected with your spouse will be in focus again. There are areas of uncertainty related to children, long distance journeys and foreign collaborations which will clear up after a few days. You aren’t actually feeling spiritual – but puja of your Guru will give you lot of peace and clear up your mind.

TAURUS –  Some matters related to kids, elder siblings, property inheritance etc are playing on your mind but clarity is likely come soon, so don’t worry.  Indulge in creative hobbies and try to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Mentally you are feeling strong and stable.

GEMINI – Entrepreneurial business ventures, travel, foreign connections, leisure activities, love relationships and children are going to be your focus areas.  Though everything is okay, still both work and relationship with spouse/partner are somewhat dis satisfactory. Just remain patient for the time being.

CANCER – Foreign connections and travel are highlighted for you and some of you could also make or meet friends from foreign countries and gain from them in some way. With the moon in good strength – you ought to be feeling bright and cheerful as well. Health, career and financial matters are slightly shaky – be patient with them.

LEO –  The work and financial situation has started to move in a better direction for you and things are looking positive. However, love relationships are going to go through a slightly uncertain phase, with some unexpected happenings – so be patient with your lover. Children will also face some challenges and will need some attention from you.

VIRGO – Peace of mind is disturbed and mental clarity is not there, but things will get much better in about a week from now so don’t worry. Mother and your spouse may also be stressed out due to some reason and need your help. Some property related expenses could be also there. Work-wise, things are starting to get better.

LIBRA – There are likely to be unexpected happenings, some uncertainties or new tidings in your business / entrepreneurial ventures. However, if earnings have been a bit restricted, you can look forward to breakthroughs henceforth. Focus on spirituality or any subject of higher learning that you wish to master for the next one month. Your learning will grow by leaps and bounds.

SCORPIO –  There will be challenges related to family (especially kids) or your lover which will need your attention. New work opportunities with foreign countries, foreigners or those involved in beauty related products are likely to come your way. Travel related to work and through business partnership will be profitable.

SAGITTARIUS – Your partner’s or spouse’s life is under some kind of focus for the next few weeks. Avoid entering into any arguments on controversial topics with your spouse as they will needlessly escalate and cause tensions to everyone. If you feel somewhat mentally distracted and disturbed for no reason, just be patient for a few days and things will get better.

CAPRICORN – Handle the controversies and hurdles at the workplace and in your life skillfully and avoid direct confrontations with anyone till the end of this month. Those who are located in foreign countries are likely to face troubles and uncertainties till end of July and should be patient with their lot.

AQUARIUS –  Work related matters are quite positive and there are new income opportunities staring at you from new sources.  You are currently running a good time to indulge in any spiritual activities like mantra chanting.

PISCES – Health and career are areas of concern for you. Avoid entering into conflicts with customers in your business dealings as it will create more problems for you. Family related matters will require some attention from you in the coming weeks as there will be problem areas you need to solve.