ARIES – Your focus continues to be on family matters, accumulated wealth and status this week too. A feeling of irritation that has been persisting for the last month and a half finally ends this week. Health-wise, you can look forward to improvements henceforth. You are advised to be patient with your work/business till September. Father’s health or your relationship with him will continue to be areas of concern over the next couple of weeks.

TAURUS –  Health and relationship related matters are causing you worry. This is a good week to take loans for property related matters. Mother’s health will fluctuate this week and needs care. Hobbies, love relationship and creativity will consume your thoughts soon. Go and watch a romantic movie 🙂 Children  will also take up your time.

GEMINI – Creative business ventures are currently your interest area and you could be planning to invest in them. However try and control your expenditure which can go through the roof. Travel – especially to foreign locations will be fruitful. Relationships will remain positive.

CANCER – Your focus areas are friendships, properties and assets this week – and you are in a gainful position. With the upcoming full moon – you ought to be feeling bright and cheerful as well. Health matters could be slightly shaky – but manageable as of now.

LEO –  This week too, you are completely focused on work and career – and things are beginning to start moving in a  better direction.  Love relationships are going to go through a slightly uncertain phase, with some unexpected happenings – so be patient with your lover. Children could need some attention from you.

VIRGO – Some property related expenses are coming your way. Give support to your spouse – who could be stressed out right now due to some reason. There are likely to be unexpected developments in your business area. However luck is going to start favoring you more henceforth.

LIBRA – There are likely to be unexpected happenings or new tidings in your business / entrepreneurial ventures. If earnings have been a bit restricted, you can look forward to breakthroughs after this week. Keep your morale high and do not give in to despondency.

SCORPIO –  New work opportunities with foreign countries, foreigners or those involved in beauty related products are likely to come your way. Travel related to work will be gainful. In fact, the next couple of weeks are showing financial or other gains through some kind of partnership.

SAGITTARIUS – Avoid entering into any arguments with your spouse for the next two weeks as they will needlessly escalate and cause you unnecessary agony. You may feel distracted and disturbed for no reason. If you do, then avoid alcohol and smoking as it will aggravate the situation.

CAPRICORN – Some good moments with your spouse or loved ones are indicated during this week, so forget your worries and enjoy them. Those who are located in foreign countries are likely to face troubles and uncertainties during the coming two months and should be patient with things.

AQUARIUS –  Beautifying the home – making additions or alterations is a good project for you and hopefully you have already done something in this regard. Work related matters are quite positive. There could be new income opportunities staring at you from hitherto unknown sources.

PISCES – Health and financials are areas of concern for you until the 9th. Avoid entering into conflicts with customers in your business dealings. Family related matters will require some attention from you in the coming weeks as there will be problem areas to solve.