ARIES – Very soon, area of focus for Bulls is going to be family, savings, assets, relationships and the like. This is a good time to plan a get-together with your wider family – cousins, aunts and uncles et al during the next couple of weeks. Father’s health or your relationship with him may be areas of concern – so take it easy with him. Work is a bit stagnant, as earlier.

TAURUS –  You are moving towards more peace of mind and mental stability thanks to the upcoming full moon. Property related matters are going to occupy attention soon. Relationship with children or your lover is going to be fine but still have an undercurrent of tension. Be patient with them. Health will have a mild fluctuation.

GEMINI – Foreign connections are going to get highlighted soon for Gemini and some big expenses are coming up too. You are also likely to be slightly worried about kids. This long sojourn of Mars in the sign Scorpio is giving you ample opportunity to take positive steps for your health. Do take out time if you haven’t taken out for health improvement yet.

CANCER – If you have been worried about either of the parent’s health – it is going to get better this week. You should be gaining in some way from some family member soon too.  Financially a better time is coming up for you. Friends will be loving and supportive.

LEO –  Property related matters are favorable for you until September, so go ahead with buying, selling, renting and alterations to property with full gusto. Actually – this is a good time to apply Feng-Shui or Vastu to your home and make it luckier. Think about it.  A very busy time at work is coming up soon.

VIRGO – Things are getting better for your sign finally. Some travel expenditures related to father or in connection with some spiritual cause seem to be on the horizon soon. This is a very good time to plan a relaxing trip or even a pilgrimage with family. Luck is going to start favoring you soon.

LIBRA – Some tensions related to income are cropping up. Try and sort out any insurance or wills related matters in the next couple of weeks. Be patient if your efforts are meeting up with small hurdles. Otherwise, all seems okay at the work front and going on as normal.

SCORPIO –  You are going to be into some kind of a spotlight soon for your work – for the right reasons 🙂 Travel and connections with foreigners are also highlighted. Minor hiccups apart, your relationship with spouse is going to improve drastically over the next couple of weeks.

SAGITTARIUS – You are likely to face some stress on account of father – due to health or other reasons. Venus is also going to involve you in some petty disputes with others. Try to be flexible. Coming up is good time to go in for those health checkups or find out improvement areas and work on them.

CAPRICORN – A fine time to indulge in entertainment and pleasures is coming up for you. Plan for some quality time with friends or family members over the next couple of weeks. Children will get some good news. Love relationship will be on a high too.

AQUARIUS – You are going through an amazing career phase where most of you are touching heights already this year. Doors to further gains and financial improvements are opening up now. Mental peace is steadily increasing. Try and plan a home beautification venture during the next couple of weeks. Deck up your abode with items of luxury.

PISCES – Work and relationship related issues are melting away now – so relax. Some new business or work opportunities are also expected. Several short distance journeys for important work reasons are coming up for you soon. Your spiritual understanding and wisdom are expanding.