ARIES – Your focus continues to be on family, children, savings, assets, professional relationships etc and you can expect some good results in these areas. Father’s health or your relationship with him will continue to be areas of concern over the next couple of weeks. Work with patience till Mid September this year – things improve thereafter.

TAURUS –  Health and career are areas of some concern for Taureans for the next few weeks and could involve expenditure – but nothing very serious. Property / residence related matters will also be on your mind. This is a good time to spend with your mom.

GEMINI – Foreign connections are now going to get highlighted soon for Gemini and some big expenses are coming up too. You are also likely to be slightly worried about kids or face tantrums from them. Take out time for inculcating positive steps towards your health improvement. Any new professional opportunities can be put on hold for about a month.

CANCER – Financially a better time is coming up for you and there is some small good news regarding career coming your way. Friends will be loving and supportive and this is a great time to catch-up with close friends.

LEO –  You are under some kind of a benign blessing right now. If you are spiritual – this effect is even more powerful. Travels for business or pleasure reasons will be enjoyable and fruitful. Your mental satisfaction level is improving.

VIRGO – Long distance travel due to spiritual reasons are likely to be on the horizon soon for you. You will definitely feel luckier than normal these days. Work / business could be a tad slow – but it’s not too bad either.

LIBRA – Wills, legacies, insurances and some small irritating obstructions in various areas – these are the general flavours for you. Worry not and continue to be patient. This is just for a short while. You are likely to delve deep into some topic related to art over the next couple of weeks.

SCORPIO –  Enjoying the spotlight and your claim to fame 🙂 ? Keep enjoying it, because the trend will continue. Travel opportunities and connections with foreigners are also highlighted. Try and spend quality time with spouse – these will become memorable days.

SAGITTARIUS – Some concerns due to father or spouse’e health will cause you some worry. Your child may also need support on some count or the other till September of this year. Professional matters and new opportunities will need you to be alert – there could be unexpected happenings. Try not to enter into arguments with any friend / colleague.

CAPRICORN – This is a great time to indulge in fun and entertainment activities. Pursuing some artistic hobby at home is also a good idea. Children will be a source of love and happiness. Love relationship will be on a high too.

AQUARIUS – Property / residence related matters are highlighted in positive way for you. This is also a good time to spend with your mom and close family members. You will be able to achieve a fine balance between work and relaxation.

PISCES – Some minor disturbing incidents related to work and family may upset you. Maintain your patience as these are short lived.Several short distance journeys for important work reasons are coming up for you soon. Your spiritual understanding and wisdom are expanding.