ARIES – First half of the week sees you struggling with health or finance / work related tensions that are somewhat hazy and unclear. Things start improving in the 2nd half gradually. Family members will be supportive to you. Your spouse could need some love, help and attention from you. Be patient with your work/business till September. Father’s health or your relationship will continue to be areas of concern over the next couple of weeks.

TAURUS –  Health and financial concerns seem to be worrying you currently. Property / residence related matters will also be on your mind. If you are undergoing conflicting emotions about a love or a friendly relationship, it’s better to ignore it for the time being and concentrate on something else. Children will need your support and attention this week too.

GEMINI – You are busy traveling, interacting with foreigners and fielding some expenses currently. Health related matters are coming to the fore and you are likely to update or make changes to your existing health / exercise routine. Any new professional opportunities can be put on hold for about three weeks. Mid – week could cause some sudden confusion in your mind and then clear off completely.

CANCER – Some new changes and developments are seen for those who are into own businesses. There is also negative incidents related to property and family (especially mother) matters that you will face.  Friendships are also likely to get negatively effected this week – so don’t plan meetings with close buddies as of now. Drive very carefully this week, especially if you are driving a white / silver colored vehicle. Health matters aren’t too positive currently.

LEO –  You seem to be focused on work and career completely. Many of you will also have moments of fame at your workplace.  However accounts professionals and those into software / internet businesses could face a few glitches and need to be on their toes. Relationships at work and personal front are somewhat flaky right now – so don’t expect too much from them this week. Don’t plan very important business meetings till mid-week if possible.

VIRGO – Some concerns related to property, expenses, financial situation or your spouse could be bothering you right now. Mentally too, you aren’t completely at peace. However it will get better slowly after this week as your decisions will start giving positive results. This is a good time to increase your knowledge in areas/topics that are close to your heart.

LIBRA – Sudden unexpected expenditures – possibly related to business, travel or your spouse are coming your way. Wills, legacies, insurances and some small irritating obstructions related to source of income – these are the general flavors for you.  You are likely to go deep into some topic/s related to art over the next couple of weeks.

SCORPIO –  There are likely to be some major changes at the work front for you. New opportunities are likely to knock your door. Travel opportunities and connections with other countries and cultures are also highlighted. You will be able to spend some quality moments with your spouse.

SAGITTARIUS – Your financial situation is likely to get better over the next couple of weeks. Father or spouse’s health and well being will cause you mental worries. Your child may also need support on some count or the other till September of this year.  Don’t plan meetings with close buddies for the next 15 days. Take care of your health and get those pending check-ups done.

CAPRICORN – Pursuing artistic activities, hobbies, spending time with kids and meeting your sweetheart is what will make your days this week. Those who are in foreign countries are likely to face troubles and uncertainties during the coming two months and should be patient. Don’t plan business travel during the first half of this week.

AQUARIUS –  Property related matters – buying, selling, renting or alteration are highly favorable for you. Purchasing any luxury items for home (and vehicle) will also be quite auspicious. There could be fleeting worries / confused thoughts related to children, love relationships and your income over the next couple of weeks.

PISCES – Some disturbing incidents related to work and family (spouse) will continue to upset your mental peace. Several short distance journeys for important work reasons are also coming up for you soon. Avoid risky deals and uncertain areas at work as you could face complicated issues. Play safe.