ARIES –  Either children or your father could either be under some stress or give you stress right now. Ditto goes for love relationships. Handle these situations tactfully. Your spouse is likely to brim up with love for you but could also bear the brunt of it – thanks to your bull horns. A guardian angel is taking care of you.

TAURUS –  Children may need your help or support at this time and could face some sudden and unexpected events. The same goes for your lover. As far as you are concerned, roller coaster emotions and ups and downs with relationships are also areas that could bother you. Parents health and well being is of some concern too. Stay away from speculation.

GEMINI – Planets are likely to make you indulge in some risky and/or speculative ventures with friends or associates. Some kind of manipulation is visible. Asthma patients (those having breathing disorders) undergo sudden health upsets. You spend some happy moments with the family this week.

CANCER – Family related matters had been in troubled waters last week, but are settling down now. There are chances of being misquoted for the next several weeks till early June, so stay alert. Planets show you worried about parents health and well being. Love relationship continues to go on well.

LEO –  Property related matters are favorable for you until September, so go ahead with buying, selling and alterations to property with full gusto. Some of you are going for pilgrimages, doing spiritual acts or attending spiritual discourses as well.

VIRGO – The challenging time continues for Virgos, as most of the planets are transiting in negative signs of the horoscope. For those who are in foreign lands, things ease out somewhat after the 13th of this month.

LIBRA – You and your spouse are basking in each others love this week as well. There could be some sudden expenses due to friends and associates. Those who are abroad need to continue being patient with their lot as they could face tricky situations.

SCORPIO –  Minor disturbances in your relationships and family life are going to disturb your mental peace. General scenario at the workplace improves after this week, however you will remain worried about your income in some way or the other.

SAGITTARIUS – Love life is looking good and you are likely to be spending time and money for entertainment and fun stuff. You also seem to be enjoying exploring things you haven’t explored earlier – they could be with your lover, friends, or elder siblings.

CAPRICORN – You are likely to face some obstructions or stress related to children and at the work place this week for a brief day or two, but then the things get back to normal. Long distance travel plans and important meetings should be postponed towards the later half of the week otherwise you are likely to face difficulties.

AQUARIUS – Entrepreneurial matters yield positive results for you. Some of you are likely to be traveling for this reason. Financially you should be quite secure right now and career-wise there are no complaints really. Children may face challenges and need help / support from you for the next several weeks.

PISCES – Continue to handle professional matters with care. Things are turning slightly better towards the latter half of this week. Be supportive and patient with your life partner / business partner. Spiritual progress is guaranteed for you if you make even the slightest efforts.