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Career and Business Astrology

Career Astrology

Career is an area of life where all of us need help and guidance some time or the other. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a smooth career graph with little or no hindrances. In fact, the majority of us would agree that they have at some time or the other faced harrowing times with their jobs.

One of the amazing features of Hindu Vedic Astrology is it’s ability to offer uncannily accurate guidance and counseling for proper career selection and growth. It has been seen that the planetary placements in individual horoscopes are largely responsible for inclination towards a particular type of career. Awareness of the time frame of the upcoming negative astrological influences in career, and following suggested astrological remedies enables one to escape many potential career lows.

Here is a general list of planets dominating certain businesses / professions –

Sun Government Jobs, Administrative Work, Medicine, Doctors, Surgeons, Politicians (power and authority)
Jupiter Religion (Clergy / Gurus / Scholars) Teachers, Counselors, Banking Industry, Publishing, Judiciary, Astrologers
Mars Armed forces, Defence Industry, Security, Police, Lawyers, Sports, Construction industry and allied products like natural stones, Property Dealers, Butchery, Machines & Factories, Civil & Mechanical Engineering
Moon Deli, Midwife and nursing, Naval Forces, Sailors, Fishing, Liquids (Milk etc), Work involving women, Merchant Navy
Venus Beauty products Industry, Fashion industry, Textiles & Garments Industry, Arts ( singing, painting, sculpture, dance), Cinema (Actors, Directors &Producers), Hotel Industry, Gems & Jewelry, Agriculture & Farming, Music Industry,
Mercury All brokers and agents in any industry, Communication Industry (telephone, mobile), Accounts and Finance, Transportation (cabs, buses), Postal Department, Courier, Travelling Salesmen
Saturn Insurance, Mining, Petrol & Gas Industry, Iron & Steel, Leather Industry, Archaeologists, Photographers (along with Venus),  Watches & Clocks Industry, Labor Intensive Industries
Rahu All kinds of Drug researches, New cutting edge technologies, Inventors, Gamblers, Porn Industry, Horse Racing, Betting, Stock Markets Trading (along with Mercury), Liquor Industry, Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, Internet Marketing
Ketu Mystics, Yoga, Spiritualism, Healers (Reiki etc), Meditation, Occult sciences, Secret services (espionage)

What about you?

Are you facing career issues such as:

  1. Slower upward growth
  2. Bad relationship with superiors
  3. Your contribution is not being recognized
  4. You are neglected by the management whenever plum opportunities come your way
  5. Confusion about further career choices


Would you like to know :

  1. When are you likely to be promoted or given a good rating.
  2. When to adopt lie-low tactics and just work instead of getting frustrated and creating problems for yourself.
  3. When to change your current job.
  4. When to stick to your current job even if things seem tempting outside.
  5. When will you get further opportunities to display your talents? How to generate them?
  6. What are the helpful astrological remedies for your career growth?  and so on………

Just reach out to us today with your birth details (date, place and time of birth) and your queries. We will give you the answers you need.

Career Astrology Report is priced only at US$96 only. Payments accepted through Paypal.

What you will get in this report – All answers to your questions about your career / business problems and effective solutions on how to improve things.





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Note: Please do not ask for generalized career reports for your entire life. Try to be to the point and specific.

Date, place and accurate time of birth are mandatory. No exceptions!