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What is a mantra?

Mantras consist of certain sentences in the Sanskrit language used in ancient India. It is said that the mantras originate from a super-conscious state of mind and have a divine origin. The writers of the mantras were God realized saints and sages who understood this science and charged the mantra words with eternal divine power. Therefore whosoever repeats a mantra for the prescribed number of times with concentration and devotion (according to the rules and regulations accompanying them) gets the desired results. The objective may be love, good health, wealth, education, spiritual progress  etc.

Why Mantras don’t work for everyone?

A little known fact is that mantras work only when they are aligned to the positive planets that can deliver results in your horoscope.  Many people chant mantras but don’t know whether the mantra they are chanting is aligned to / activating the respective planetary energy or not. Ultimately,the planet has the hold and the power. The mantra is only a medium to access and harness the planetary energy. The various deities do bless through the mantras chanted, but the planetary power is the hidden framework through which all deities operate. Nothing can super-cede it on this planet.

In a nutshell, a person can derive benefit from mantras if

1. The 5th and 9th signs of the natal horoscope and it’s ruling planet are strong and well placed. If these planets are weak, mantra chanting isn’t effective.

2. The mantra chanting is activating planets that are related to the particular area of life for which the person needs help. (For instance If your horoscope shows planet Jupiter ruling wealth and you are chanting mantras of deities governed by Venus, either you won’t get any results, or the results will be miniscule)

3.  And finally – if the person adheres to the chanting discipline prescribed.

Know your Lucky Mantra

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Proxy Mantra Recitation Service

For those who are very busy or unable to concentrate properly but still want to derive benefit from mantras suggested to them, we offer proxy mantra recitation service everyday, for a very nominal amount of $60 per mantra per month. The mantras will be chanted for you (with all prescribed rituals) twice daily. Try it out for a month or two and see the difference it makes!!

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