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Astrological Signs Compatibility

“Marriages are made in Heaven” – goes an old saying

How many of us would agree with the above? Especially those who haven’t really found anything heavenly in life after marriage. Even those who really value their love life are seen struggling at times to hold on to it. Why don’t things always work out? Why do so many of our relationships come with a time tag? Ever thought about all this? If you haven’t or can’t figure it out, don’t worry. Leave it to us.

Indian Vedic Astrology is here to give you answers – if you just have yours and your partners date, place and time of birth.

1. Is He/She compatible with me? To what extent?

2. Is my boyfriend / girlfriend trustworthy?

3. When can I expect to have good and steady times in my relationships?

4. When can the things go wrong in my relationship?

5.  Why do I always face failures in love?

6. Is there any remedy to make my current relationship steady, strong and loving?

7. When will I get married?

More questions and doubts? We will answer them all.

The Love / Marriage Compatibility report is now discounted at $62 only. Normal price $80.

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Note – Accurate date, place and time of birth of both partners are mandatory. Please don’t ask us to provide you with general full life analysis. Ask for a specific period of time OR about a specific person. Give adequate background and ask specific questions.