Muhurta – Know the most Auspicious Moments

What is Muhurta :

The general astrology deals with the planetary placements in a horoscope and those are fixed and unalterable.  So if one is supposed to face problems in education as per the birth horoscope, one will and must face them. Destiny is fixed and unalterable. But the science of astrology is an expert in chalking out out ways and loopholes to outsmart the destiny. Take an example here: If an individual named John is born at a particular moment, then as per astrology, the placement of stars in John’s horoscope of that moment impacts his destiny. Taking the logic further, if astrology is all about moments of time, then can an action also not have a “birth” at a particular moment in time? Yes, it can. So what would happen if you take an action at an extremely favorable moment as per the star patterns? Simply put it, your action would lead to the desired end without any hassle or interruption. Wouldn’t you like that? Welcome to Muhurta.

Muhurta is a Sanskrit word which means most auspicious moment to initiate an action. It is connected with Electional Astrology  i.e. the branch of Hindu Vedic Astrology which deals with charting out most suitable moments in time in order to undertake a particular action. Basically, the deficiencies in the birth chart can be overcome with the proper application and aid of Muhurta science to determine the best moment. And if the action is performed at that time, the difficulties in the path can be circumvented / avoided to a big extent. Therefore Muhurta is prescriptive as well as preventive in nature.

There are many examples of when to use Muhurta :-

Moving into a new house

Buying a new vehicle

Initiating an important meeting

Signing important documents

Embarking on a journey

Approaching one’s boss / senior management

Starting a new business

Timing of the marriage ceremony etc.

And the list is endless…..

Be smart. Time it right and nail the deal!!

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