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How to enhance the Luck Factor through Name Correction

Numerology & Luck enhancement by Name correction

Luck enhancement by Name Correction

What is Numerology

Numerology is the study of the effect of numbers on human life. All the alphabets in the English language are said to be associated with a number and these numbers are associated with planets. So when we total all the numbers in a name, we get a final number which can be single or a compound (i.e. more than one number) and which makes a certain planetary influence paramount in our lives. By analyzing these numbers, we can derive a lot of useful information about the life of an individual. And that is what a Numerologist does.

There are two theories of numerology – Chaldean & Pythagorean. They differ somewhat in their method of calculation of numbers and have differing philosophies.  However both are correct in their own ways.  Having said that, Numerology is still a somewhat generic way of looking at things. Numerologists cannot predict specific events and pinpoint causes. Astrology does it in a much better way. But there is one way in which Numerology can be of a big help to any person. And that is – Name Correction. By specifically choosing the alphabets in our name (through addition or subtraction of an alphabet), we can select harmonious numbers that our name generates thereby improving our luck in our lives.

Why doesn’t Name Correction always help?

Ever visited a Numerologist for name correction and followed his advice? Maybe it worked for you. Maybe it didn’t. Over the years, we have been listening a lot of stories from people who found things going horribly wrong for them after they made alterations in their name. So they panic and revert back to the original name. Why does this happen?  No Numerologist will be able to answer this question. Well, the real answer is – the name suggested is not in alignment with the planetary placements in the individual horoscope. The Numerologists worldwide forget one very basic thing – “the numbers are ruled by planets”. And the placement of these planets in a person’s horoscope is the key. How can one expect to have benefits if the new numbers after changing the name are not based on functional benefic planets in the horoscope?

Merely on the basis of your name, can Numerology tell you which planets govern wealth for you? Or which planet will cause you sickness? The answer is  – No!! It cannot do that. So isn’t changing your name just on the basis of Numerology a bit of gambling. You don’t know the output that your name change will generate in your life. Because your Numerologist hasn’t checked your horoscope to see which planet you will be activating through your new name. It is quite naive to assume that just because Cheiro said numbers 15, 19 and 21 are lucky – anyone’s life will change if they keep names on these numbers. Firstly, Cheiro followed only the Chaldean numerology. He ignored the Pythagorean, which is far more revealing. Secondly, although he knew astrology, he probably forgot to point out in his books that people need to also check their horoscopes with the planetary numbers before changing names. Or maybe, he himself wasn’t aware of this. The result is – utter confusion worldwide and case of “blind leading the blind”.


Are you facing problems related to health, finance or relationships? Perhaps your numerology name numbers are not harmonious as per your horoscope. Contact us today with your birth details (current name, date, place and time of birth) to get your guaranteed accurate Name Correction report.

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