ARIES – You and your partner are both feeling entrepreneurial and communicative these days. However, be patient with him / her. Short distance travel is indicated. You have been spending a lot of money during the last couple of weeks due to various reasons. The expenditure part slows down now.  Mental confusion will also start clearing up. Spiritual thoughts that had disappeared are going to start coming back.

TAURUS –  You will experience improvements in family relationships and enhanced status. These are good days to actually attend / host a family gathering. Some of you are likely to get chances to taste exotic foods at different places. Try and cook something new yourself. However there will slight fluctuations with health too. Avoid using grey color clothes during this week and the next.

GEMINI – Any confusions at the work front and problems in relationship with partner now wear off. Those who own businesses will be profitable. You are going to experience greater health and exuberance. Courage and confidence level will also improve. But love relationships will experience a little dip during these days.

CANCER – Health issues and financial problems are going to settle down slowly – however some of you may experience minor chest related complaints. Mentally you may experience a dip during this week. Your mother may also need support. There are likely to be some upcoming expenditures related to travel and also related to fixed and movable assets.

LEO –  Everything is going to start moving in a better direction for you – work, money, health, mental peace and stability. Those who are working earn accolades and rewards. Business owners start making more profits. Get ready for an expansive and positive phase in your career after a few months.

VIRGO – Barring minor problems at work and the fact that it will be fairly engaging and hectic during these days, things are more or less getting stable for you – mentally too. Many of you will deal with foreigners / foreign countries and unknown new contacts.

LIBRA – The confusion and uncertainty about work / business is fading away now and you are beginning to feel better. Spiritual journeys / pilgrimages, meditation, yoga and some kind of higher learning is indicated for you during these days.

SCORPIO –  Many of you are likely to get involved in occult studies at this time. Others may indulge in lotteries or games of chance. You are likely to have sudden gains – monetarily or otherwise. Family life is getting smoother and more harmonious. Be patient with your career for about 2 weeks. Things get better thereafter.

SAGITTARIUS – Your business partner’s or spouse’s life is under some kind of focus for the next few weeks. Some of you could be getting ready to enter into new business deals in partnerships or are in some kind of limelight. However this week, business people may experience a slight dip in profits. This is not an ideal time to meet friends and acquaintances, so postpone such activities.

CAPRICORN – Handle the controversies and hurdles at the workplace and in your life skillfully and avoid direct confrontations with anyone till the end of this month. Those who are located in foreign countries are likely to face troubles and uncertainties till end of July and should be patient with their lot.

AQUARIUS –  Work related matters are quite positive and you have new income opportunities staring at you from different sources. Upcoming business travel will be fruitful. You are currently running a good time to indulge in any spiritual activities like mantra chanting. Children will give happiness. Love relationships will go in a positive direction.

PISCES – Career related issues and health uncertainties are going to start moving into the positive zone “very slowly” from now.  You will gain mental peace. Avoid entering into conflicts with customers in your business dealings during the next 1 1/2 months as it will create more problems for you. Family related matters will require some attention from you in the coming weeks as there will be problem areas you need to solve.