Vastu – the magical Indian “Feng Shui”

Vastu - the magical "Indian" Feng-Shui


Consider two scenarios –

1. You are roaming around and browsing in a market. You enter a shop and suddenly feel compelled to buy an item you don’t really need. You buy it and then suddenly once you are out of the shop, you start wondering what made you buy it in the first place?

2. You go to the market looking for a particular item. You enter the shop and see the item you need and spend some time looking at it and similar items. Somehow you leave the shop without buying what you wanted. Once you have left the place, you start wondering why on earth did you not buy it?

Have you ever experienced the above? I am sure you have – many times 🙂

Sometimes you are in a very plain and normal looking area where you feel uplifted, happy and you leave the place in a good mood. And at other times, you are in a beautifully designed space where you feel very uncomfortable and negative for some odd unknown reason.

So why do these things happen?  The amazing ancient science of Vastu answers this question.  It is the balance of the 5 elements in the proper directions within a space which grants it auspiciousness and well being – so necessary for our lives. And it is the imbalance in the elements in our living space which causes so much of misery, unhappiness and leaves us with unfulfilled desires. Cutting the long story short – you need to be aware of the fact that your living space has a tremendous impact on your life.

The ancient Indian science of Vastu is study of the impact of placement of objects, colours and the activities conducted in your living abode. The negative placements and activities in wrong sections of the house or work area create failures, obstructions, health issues, relationship troubles and miseries. As it is similar in some of it’s concepts – albeit not completely to the Chinese science of Feng-Shui – I like to call it the “Indian Feng-Shui”.


  1. The Astrological approach – As per astrology, the various areas of your flat / home are related to your natal horoscope. Just as you have a birth horoscope, the house also has a kind of horoscope of it’s own and has invisible strong influences of planets in various areas. According to the ongoing planetary phases in the horoscope, one needs to make changes in respective areas of the property to achieve a state of balance / harmony as per person’s horoscope. Changes means placement of various interior objects (sometimes common place things like a rectangular table OR a white colour round clock, and sometimes special ones like picture of Lord Shiva).
  2. The 5 elements (panchatatva) approach – The Chinese theory of Feng Shui and (also many ancient Indian texts) talks about the presence of the five elements (Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Ether) in different directions of a property. Balancing the 5 elements through placement of colours and objects in different directions is a delicate art that needs to be applied properly in the property to achieve vastu compliance in a property. The interaction of the five elements with each other in different directions is very complicated and rarely understood topic and needs thorough study of various aspects of the exterior and interiors of a home.Whenever one element either increases or decreases in your living space, it causes an IMBALANCE. The zone of imbalance is related to one or the other aspect of life and is adversely affected. Vastu remedies help to restore the balance in elements through the placement of certain objects or introduction of some colours in the environment in our house or office in the troubled zone. As soon as the balance is achieved, the problem vanishes.

3.      The Indian Vastu approach – talks about the presence of the 45 different energies in the vastu           zone. These 45 energies with different attributes are formed through the instrumentality of the 9                 planets x 5 elements  = 45 energy zones or Vastu devatas.  These energies/devatas can be influenced           to give positive results through colours, objects, mantras and using other tantra techniques. Once these energies are in positive mode, they started delivering beneficial results for the property owner.

All the three approaches to Vastu need to be applied and kept in mind / synchronized to get positive results for the client’s property. And this is exactly how Astrokriya will approach your vastu requirements – by using all the above judiciously.


  1. BEFORE PURCHASE / RENT – Basic Vastu audit of a new property in order to rule out any possible negative outcomes for you and your family.
  2. AFTER PURCHASE / RENT – Vastu compliance service – either basic or detailed as per client requirements in order to create more health, wealth, happiness and opportunities for the inhabitants.
  3. Selection of a suitable site for future construction of property.
  4. Help in tackling any particular existing issues through the expert application science of astrology and Vastu. Issues can of many types like –
  • Health problems
  • Relationship issues
  • Educational issues
  • Financial losses in business
  • Lack of progress / dull phase in career
  • Achievement of better financial turnover in business
  • Depression
  • Lack of self esteem
  • Fear / Anger issues / jealousy / obsessive disorders
  • Low social status and relationships
  • Lack of conversion of existing opportunities
  • A particular work getting stuck again and again without reason
  • Non-recognition of efforts
  • Problems with existing source of income
  • Legal hassles
  • Problems from Government departments
  • Lack of support from anyone in various areas in life
  • Spate of bad luck in general after moving into a particular property
  • Marriage delays
  • Tension and stress among family members
  • Delay and/or denial of child birth

NOTE – In certain cases, fate/destiny plays a major role and the horoscope of the client does not support a particular area in his or her current life time. It is important to understand that the solutions of Vastu work because of certain helpful loopholes that nature gives us advantage of. But at times, the loopholes may simply not exist in a particular case due to past karma. In such cases, the client is duly informed in advance that our services will be on best efforts basis and results may at best be partial or may not come at all even after doing all the required changes. Going ahead with Vastu is the client’s choice, in such cases.

In addition to Astrology and Numerology, the Vastu Checkup of your house or office is an immensely useful tool to remove obstacles and troubles from your life. Vastu divides the houses into various zones for this purpose. For instance certain zones of your house may promote wealth inflow and new opportunities – but if they are afflicted, you will keep struggling but find money making opportunities elusive. Similarly if another area is imbalanced – your relationships will always be a struggle until and unless that area is balanced out. A yet another zone deals with mental clarity. If there is a clutter in this area of your house – you are likely to be confused with various options before you and not know which direction to go to.

Why not get a Vastu checkup of your house / office area today? It’s simple and yet, not so simple. What we need from you is:

1. A sketch depicting your house made to the scale.

2. Mark the accurate north / south / east /west  directions standing in the middle of your house. You will need a reliable compass for this.

3. A detail about placement of major objects in various areas of the house and their colors.

4. The exact problems you are facing, so we can identify the correct zones to be balanced inside the house.

If you can do the above exercise with accuracy, we guarantee you removal of the problems to the extent of 90% in a reasonably short period of time from your life. This is a remedial application. And of course, Vastu is also prescriptive. We also identify and tell you areas where you should not be doing certain activities or placing objects and colors and thereby avoid all problems.



1. Rest assured – most of the remedies suggested by us will not involve any demolition or major structural changes of any kind and will be very cost effective and simple to implement but still result giving.

2. Unlike many other so called Vastu Consultants, we are completely honest and transparent. You won’t find us using scare tactics with you and trying to fleece you of your hard earned money by selling you expensive vastu remedies, that are not even needed in the first place

3. A little known fact is that knowledge of vastu is incomplete without Astrology. Vastu is not the same for two different people. A true vastu consultant needs to be aware of both. Astrokriya provides both astrology and vastu services and synchronizes both to achieve the goals of the clients.

VASTU CHARGES – depend on the scope of work needed and vary from case to case, and are quite reasonable.

For details of charges applicable, please email all details of problems being faced and the current floorplan of the property to