ARIES –  Health and financial (funds flow) parameters are getting dicier for you. Hold on tight to your horses this week. You could be feeling more emotional than normal these days and yet, mentally you are strong. Family matters (including those related to children) continue to be important areas for you currently. If you are doing any spiritual practices, expect great blessings to flow towards you and family.

TAURUS –  Children may need your help or support at this time and could face some unexpected events. The same goes for your lover. As far as you are concerned, roller coaster emotions and ups and downs with relationships are also areas that could bother you. Some medical expenses or unpaid bills seem to be on the cards after a few days. Parents health is of some concern too. Stay away from speculation.

GEMINI – You are moving from strength to strength as health, Professional and business matters continue to improve to better levels. Gains through foreigners or foreign lands are also indicated.  Those who are appearing in interviews for new job opportunities are running a very positive phase. Your boss / senior management are likely to be very pleased with you. You could feel slightly lost or mentally confused – but nothing major to worry about.

CANCER – Career matters can rough into rough weather for you for a little while so hang on. There are chances of being misquoted or miscommunications for the next several weeks till early June, so stay alert. There are some concerns about parent’s health too. Love matters are going on well as usual and are a solace.

LEO – You are definitely feeling stronger and more positive this week to take on any challenges. Challenges are those of the unexpected kind at the work and relationships front. Nevertheless, your luck is still going to favor you in face of any adversity. Mentally you are stable. Some of you are considering joining courses to update your knowledge. Good idea that!!

VIRGO – A somewhat challenging time exists for you guys, given that most of the planets are placed in negative signs of the horoscope. If you have strongly placed Mercury and Venus in your birth horoscope, you are likely to escape some of the downswings though. Be patient with females in the family. They may need your help. June is your redemption. Keep your faith strong.

LIBRA – Loving moments with your spouse / partner are going to be warming the cockles of your heart these days. There is a possibility of a new source of income developing at a distant location or the existing one getting better. Those who are abroad need to be patient with their lot as they could face tricky situations.

SCORPIO –  Minor differences with your life partner are going to disturb your mental peace during the coming weeks. Take it easy. You are likely to be getting some accolades for your work though there could be dissension in the ranks scenario with friends/colleagues too. This is not the right time to send applications for jobs or to talk to the management regarding a raise.

SAGITTARIUS – You have been attending auspicious events and also enjoying some good moments with your family. There is going to be a need to be careful regarding work as chances of things going wrong are a bit high this week.  So if you are into anything that is speculative and uncertain – be double alert.

CAPRICORN – Professional matters are going to go on well, however you should be careful while driving this week. Chances of mishap or loss of some kind are high. Ill health of someone in the family could be of concern. Students pursuing post graduation courses (especially overseas) will face challenges should be patient with things during the next few weeks. Property related work will be more successful after this week.

AQUARIUS – Work related travel and some positive developments in business matters are likely to keep you busy. Your entrepreneurial efforts are going to give good results. There could be some happy incident related to your partner / spouse. Children may face challenges and need help / support from you for the next several weeks.

PISCES – Professional matters continue to be subject to obstructions and disputes for you for another two weeks. Challenges in relationship – at work and within family are also likely to cause you some distress. Be supportive and patient with your life partner / business partner. Continue with your spiritual practices as they will lessen your burden to a great extent.